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In India, IKHSAN Group's Electronic Home Appliances branch is a hub of innovation and convenience. We offer a diverse range of high-quality appliances, from cutting-edge kitchen gadgets to smart home solutions, all designed to improve daily living. With a focus on local preferences and global trends, we're dedicated to making modern life more comfortable and efficient for households across India.

Home Interior


Aura India, a proud subsidiary of IKHSAN Group, is your go-to destination for premium electronic home appliances in India. With a commitment to enhancing the modern living experience, Aura India offers a curated selection of top-tier appliances that bring comfort, convenience, and efficiency to Indian households. From advanced kitchen gadgets to innovative smart home solutions, our range caters to diverse needs and preferences. Backed by the expertise of IKHSAN Group, Aura India is dedicated to providing quality products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, enriching homes and lifestyles across the nation.

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